Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Ripple Effect

The mind is such a fickle thing. One moment it is full of hope and each situation looks promising. The next moment, it is in the throes of despondency about the same situation. The wise say that you need to control your thoughts and your mind. Believe in miracles and they will happen. 'Believe'. An innocuous word which means years of discipline and optimism. 

What should you do when your thoughts take that turn into the lane of gloom? It feels like a slippery slope after that. Every little slight, real or imagined, becomes too big to sweep into the mental crevices - to think about later. Life's problems become huge disappointments that just can't be ignored any more. What should you do then?

Be grateful. Be thankful. Force yourself to think about all those people and moments that made your soul smile, that made you happy to be alive in that moment. Remember the family member for whom you mean the world. Remember the sunset and the solitude where you could witness nature's simple beauty. Remember that movie's dialogue that was so surprising it made you catch your breath. Remember the riot of tastes when you tried some new dish. Remember the moment of lucidity before you got the 'joke' during a stand-up. Remember. And be grateful. 

Nothing is so big or so bad that you can't win over it. Embrace the little problems along with life - It is a package deal. Nobody gets just one aspect of it - everyone has their own mountain to climb. What matters is that you do it with a song in your heart because that's what make the load lighter. 

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

You know that feeling?

You know that feeling of absolute terror and sheer disbelief when you bungee-jump off a ledge? The wind rushing at you from all directions. The faint sound from a world beyond that you recognise as your own scream after 5 seconds into the fall. The hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach. The ecstasy that mushrooms in your head obliterating all other emotions. And beyond all the self-doubts, that feeling of security that you are anchored by that strong cord, and you are not completely out of your mind?

I am currently relishing that feeling... :)

Friday, January 18, 2013


Naughty pitter-patter -
Sometimes near, and then away faster.
Little smirks and giggles -
Challenging, when you think it's all figured.
Just when you think it can't get better (or worse)
Life sends you a reminder terse.

So, I am back and I am in a poetic mood :) Do bear with me while I vent my creativity (sometimes abstruse) here.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Misadventures of a Dreamer

It's been a while since I had shared my first experience of the arranged marriage circuit, and I have only grown wiser since then. Mind you, not older - I have decided to remain the beautifully optimistic age of 22 until I resemble that spunky old lady in Madagascar (the movie, not the country).

I have met other EBs (Eligible Bachelors, for the uninitiated) and although the encounters have not resulted in murder, I have become acquainted with the fact that I can experience blood-boiling, face-reddening rage and still speak as calmly as if commenting on the weather. Besides the point that these encounters would not have been very encouraging to my ever-plodding heart, I have learnt many "life's lessons", which I will freely share ;) with girls who can empathise with me:
1. Do not take shit from a stranger. That is definitely not the right time to be polite or to be stunned into silence.
2. It's not in your best interests to watch a Disney movie at this phase of life. :) Those just raise your expectations before painful reality strikes.
3. It's alright to be a little demanding, but be considerate and be real.
4. It's fine to not let first impressions be the last ones - the EB is as nervous / awkward / disillusioned as you are.
5. There are times when you may realise some aspect about yourself which isn't what Mother Teresa would have approved of - but even then, it's ok. You are normal, after all.
6. This would be the most personal decision of your life, but you may still have to seek advise from family and friends, sometimes.
7. Laugh about your weird experiences with friends while keeping identities of the other (more often than not, psycho) parties confidential - it'll help keep it all real.
8. Spend some time by yourself.
9. Go out and enjoy. Continue living your life the way you want to. Nothing and nobody should change that.
10. And finally, you are not the only one who has faced this - Never succumb to the overwhelming despair of "Why me?"